Meisenbühl 19
D-77704 Oberkirch
+49 7802 30 47

Bicycle / Mountainbike

Get off the main streets and see what the region has to offer bikers. It’s a true paradise of possibilities and challenges. The area has more than 500 kilometers of routes, including single trails and wonderful paths, an altitude difference of approx. 1000 m and climbs that challenge the rider and demand everything from your equipment.

Mountainbike tip: Rench Valley, Offenburg und Durbach

Even in the winter this short yet challenging route to the outskirts of Black Forest tempts you with its magnificent views of Durbach, Offenburg and the Rhine Valley. It’s the shortest of the four competition routes of the Offenburg Worldclass Mountain Bike Challenge which takes place in May every year.

Start and Finish: Rebstock

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